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Threading and Waxing

Quan Spa Kensington and Quan Spa Chelsea's talented therapists offer the ancient art of threading, as well as strip wax and hot wax for more sensitive areas.


Threading is a natural and very precise way of removing unwanted eyebrow and facial hair. This ancient technique has been practiced for many centuries and is easier on your skin than other techniques. Using a twisted cotton thread, hair is removed from the root leaving the skin untouched during the treatment.

Area Price
Eyebrows £18
Upper Lip / Chin / Forehead £10
Sides of face £15
Upper Lip & Chin £18
Eyebrows & Upper Lip £25
Full Face (inc. eyebrows) £45


Strip wax is suitable for legs and arms and hot wax for all the other delicate
areas of the body.

Area Strip Wax Hot Wax
1/2 leg £25
Full leg £40
1/2 arm £20
Full arm £30
Underarm £18
Regular Bikini £22
High Bikini £28
Brazillian/Hollywood £40
Eyebrow £18
Lip or Chin £10
Eyebrow and Lip 25
Chest/Back (for men) £30
Back & Shoulder (for men) £40