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Cellulite Treatments

Mesotherapy | 30 mins - 45 mins
Mesotherapy, sometimes called "liquid lipo", is a process of breaking down the underlying fat membrane with injections of naturally occurring proteins and enzymes directly into the areas of cellulite. Fat deposits are flushed from the body, and do not reappear in other areas, something that often occurs after liposuction. With Mesotherapy there is no hospitalisation, no general anaesthesia - in fact, and there is virtually no downtime with even and smooth results seeing a dramatic reduction in cellulite.

Guinot Body Wrap | 75 mins
This detoxifying and draining body wrap is most effective on legs and waists, but also achieves results on areas such as the arms, knees, calves and ankles. Guinot's unique formulated serum gel is absorbed by bandages which your therapist will wrap tightly around targeted areas, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate and work deeply within your cells, detoxifying and eliciting the excess fluids and breaking down fatty deposits.

Fat Reduction

Med Contour | 60 mins
Med Contour (known as Vaser Shape in the US) is an innovative non-surgical and non-invasive ultrasound machine specialising in fat reduction and fat loss. This groundbreaking medical device won 'Best Non-Surgical Body Contouring' at the annual Aesthetic Awards and features its own patented dual ultrasound hand piece, helping focus treatments better and leaving surrounding structures undamaged. Med Contour also has its own built in lymphatic drainage system to help the body to remove toxins, excess fluids and waste.

UltraShape (Ultrasound + Radio Frequency) | 60 mins
UltraShape (Radio Frequency only) | 60 mins
UltraShape uses focused ultrasound-frequency energy to break up fat cells on the stomach, arms, hips and thighs. The machine features a fat tracking camera and guidance system to ensure ultrasound energy only breaks down fat cells without causing damage to surrounding tissue. The system also uses integrated vacuum assisted Radio Frequency to enhance the body's lymphatic drainage, expedite fat clearance and tighten the skin.